Friday, 21 September 2012

Weekly Bento Roundup

Just three for this week, the others managed to escape before photos!

Note: These photos are dark because they are taken on my phone before going out each morning. Just
squint a bit if it offends you.

(Clockwise from top): Fig baked in brown sugar; Greek yoghurt and honey; raw sugar-snap peas;
raspberries stuffed with blanched almonds; raw red bell pepper; fried chicken with wasabi and 
edamame dip as a spread; egg noodle swirls; black sesame seeds

(Clockwise from tomato): Cherry tomato; tomato couscous; raw sugar-snap peas; red grapes; 
almonds with the skin on; mini quiche (cheese and onion); 2 orange segments; half a sausage sliced up

(Top to bottom): Three boiled dumplings (chicken and spring onion); three cherry tomatoes; spinach
 salad with walnuts; pine nuts and raisins 

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